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Fircroft Juniors Established Online

Jo Briscoe describes what has been put in place for the new Fircroft Juniors group she has set up:-

Banish Lock down blues

Free Chess Tournament

Safe environment

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We look forward to welcoming you. Let's beat the lockdown blues together!

I have set up 9 tournaments so far for Fircroft Juniors. The age of the children are 5 to 12 and they are from beginners to improvers. We have two different types of tournaments, beginners which is my Chess Pawn Challenger and everybody, which is Chess Crusades!

We have 51 members in the Fircroft Juniors which I run and 41 members in the Surbiton Juniors. The winners get to see their names on my Wall of Glory

I am hosting tournaments four times a week and I have had a lot of great feedback from parents. Some even saying that their favourite chess playing days are the days we have our tournaments on.

I have also started a website and a youtube channel jollygoodchess. It is early days for those.

My section is for beginners and improvers. I am hosting lessons online too. I have set up Fircroft Juniors in a special section of lichess, everybody has to apply to join and I am only accepting membership from people who I know are juniors. I have set up special practice classes according to skill level so that they can challenge people within that group.

My husband Chris has been using his contacts and setting up matches with some amazing teams. Some of my juniors have been able to play against Guam, South Korea, Wales and Watford!

Beginners and Improvers come and join in the fun with weekly Chess tournaments in a safe environment. Please contact Jo Briscoe for more details.